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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cotton Sweater Scarf

Somewhere, in the vast depths of your closet, lurks the tragically bulky, lumpy, stained, torn, white, cotton sweater. This one had make-up on the turtleneck, a big hole by the arm, and stains around the bottom. A perfect candidate for reconstruction. For this tutorial, you'll need an old, bulky sweater, good pair of scissors, and possibly a bleach pen.

Before cutting, sew a line around the bottom. This will prevent it from fraying while you cut and sew later on.

Cut around the top of your sewn line.

Set your machine to a wide, but tight zig-zag, and stitch all the way around the cut edge. Zig-Zag two parallel lines and cut between to make it one long strip.

 Bleach out any unwanted stains, and you're good to go. Stitch On!

Style 1 

 Style 2

TIP: To make it more antique looking, use 3-4 tea bags in a bucket of hot water. Dip the scarf in, and rinse. Place in dryer to set the stain.


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