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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Garage Sale Craft Haul

While out and about at garage sales, I found a wealth of threads, and other craft supplies. I admit, I fell into the "scarcity" mode and started grabbing like a crazy woman at a Black Friday sale. Once I had my hoard, and could calmly look through it, I realized I had to stick to what I needed, and not what I might want to use 10 years down the road. Back went the yarn, fabric, and crochet needles....well most of them anyway.

Keeping a couple of crochet needles, my haul was narrowed to spools of thread, zippers, a pair of pinking shears, and a bobbin holder. At .20 cents each, how could I resist? (The picture only shows a fraction of the $10 bag full.) Stitch on!

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