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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Felted Sweater Scarf

For this tutorial, you will need a denim (jeans) pant leg, buttons, and various squares of old felted sweaters.

Felted sweaters are easy to make, in fact, you may have one in your closet. Starting with 100% wool, toss the sweater into the washing machine on the HOT, heavy duty, setting. A little soap helps too. To further shrink your wool, toss it on the dryer for a while. Congratulations, you've made a tiny sweater....also known as a "felted" sweater. Once this process is finished, you can cut shapes from the sweater without it fraying.

Cut a  4 to 6 inch wide strip of denim from the entire length of the pantleg. For a longer scarf, use another pant leg. Fold into thirds, and iron flat. Zig-zag stitch down the middle.

Cut the felted sweaters into floral shapes. Sew a button to the center, and sew onto the jean strip. Continue until the denim strip is covered.

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